The Sleep Bug and Sleep Bug Pro apps were developed to provide a powerful sound mixer generating high-quality realistic ambient sounds and music to help you sleep. The apps have 24 scenes to provide a plethora of options to suit your needs for reaching a faster, more relaxing sleep.

Numerous studies have linked a lack of sleep to many health concerns. According to a report by the BBC, attributed to Sleep journal, getting less than six hours of sleep a night makes it 12 percent more likely you will die over a 25-year period than those getting an ideal six to eight hours of sleep per night. Also, according to the Sleep journal, young adults who habitually slept fewer than five hours a night were three times more likely to develop psychiatric disorders than with eight to nine hours of shut-eye. According to a Bloomberg story, earlier studies have also shown sleep deprivation can lead to health conditions including heart diseases, high blood pressure and weight gain.

The benefits of proper sleep go beyond leading a longer life and removing certain illnesses. According to, proper sleep has been proven to improve memory; help spur creativity; sharpens attention; lowers stress and even help curb inflammation.

Sleeping well is important and we hope the Sleep Bug and Sleep Bug Pro apps help you achieve a faster, more relaxed sleep.