Sleep Bug Pro is being promoted on the Red Stripe Deals (Windows Phone)

Sleep Bug Pro has been promoted for the 2nd time by Microsoft in the Red Strip Deals. During this week Sleep Bug Pro is sold at a 50% discount.
It is also being featured in the spotlight section in the US.

Sleep Bug Pro is now available on Google Play Store!

Finally Sleep Bug Pro is available on Google Play.
Download it today!


Sleep Bug Kids is now available on Google Play, Amazon and Samsung Store!

Sleep Bug Kids was released on 3 new platforms today. Google Play contains a lite version while Amazon and Samsung Store contains the full version only.
Go to the download section and try it out!!!

Sleep Bug Kids is now available in the App Store!

The follow-up Sleep Bug Kids was released today in the App Store. Sleep Bug Kids is a children version of Sleep Bug meant for kids from the age of 0 to 5 years. If contains 9 beautifully designed scenes with sounds and animations your child will love.
Download it from the App Store and try it out today!


Sleep Bug Pro is soon available for Android!

Sleep Bug Pro is soon available for Android devices. If you want to participate in the beta stage please send a email to [email protected]

Sleep Bug has passed 2 million downloads!

Sleep Bug has passed 2 million downloads on Windows Phone, Windows 8 and iOS.

Sleep Bug is finally available for Windows 8

Yesterday Sleep Bug was released on Windows 8. It contains 24 scenes (12 free) and supports background audio. This means that you can listen to the scenes while using your favourite Windows 8 app.
Try it out today: Download Sleep Bug for Windows 8

PS: Microsoft does not support transferring purchases from Windows Phone to Windows 8!



Sleep Bug has reached 700.000 downloads

Sleep Bug has reached 700.000 downloads on Windows Phone and iOS.

Windows Phone 8 update available

Sleep Bug is upgraded to Windows Phone 8. It now supports the new resoultions HD720P (720x1280) and WXGA (768x1280). If you have a Windows Phone 8 download or update to the new version today!

Sleep Bug has reached 400.000 downloads

Sleep Bug has reached 400.000 downloads on Windows Phone and iOS.

Problems with Sleep Bug Pro update

Yesterday Sleep Bug Pro version 1.9.1 was released. This version was corrupted and I have received reports of people who were not able to download and update the app. This issue should now be fixed. If you still see version 1.9.1 in the Marketplace please wait a few hours and Sleep Bug Pro version 2.0.0 will be available.

New version of Sleep Bug / Sleep Bug Pro

New versions of Sleep Bug and Sleep Bug Pro has been submitted to the Windows Marketplace and App Store. They will be available in the next couple of days. The new scenes that has been added are Lullaby, Clock and Zen. A new Zen scene without the people voices has been the most requested change when it comes to sounds.


Sleep Bug reached 250.000 downloads

Today Sleep Bug finally reached 250.000 downloads. In the last month Sleep Bug has been downloaded more than 1500 times every day.

Sleep Bug now with background support on iOS

Finally I have implemented background support for Sleep Bug on iOS. You can now relax while using other apps!
A new play icon (marked with green) allows you to easily enable or disable the sounds.
This is a feature requested by many users :)

Applying for a ITIN number (needed for non US developers)

If you have a paid app in the Marketplace or if you are using pubCenter you need a ITIN number (if you apply as a person and not a company.
Here is the list you need to follow to obtain the ITIN number.

1) Fill out W7:
2) Fill out the Microsoft letter
3) Scann your passport and print it. I would get a stamp at the police station to verify the copy.
4) Send it to the IRS
      Internal Revenue Service
      Mail Stop 6090-AUSC
      3651 S. Interregional, Hwy 35
      Austin, TX 78741-0000

This is how the complete package should look like (thanks to Ronny Gydar for sharing this).
2-6 weeks later you will receive the ITIN number by mail.
The letter you receive from the IRS will look like this (thanks to Ronny Gydar for sharing this).


Filling out Microsoft Advertising pubCenter tax form for non US citizens

Before pubCenter was available to Norwegian developers I created an US pubCenter account. I had about 1000 dollar so I passed the 50 dollar requirement for fund transfer to my new Norwegian pubCenter account.
It took quite some time before I realized the transfer was done due to nobody at Microsoft telling me that the transfer only was visible under Accounts->Adjustments. When I found this out the process with filling out the tax forms started. This was easier said than done :) It took me two months to figure out how this was done. Luckily I had a ITIN number from when I filled out the W-8BEN in Windows Marketplace.
If you are wondering on how the online tax form in pubCenter should be filled out you can click on this link about filling out the online W-8BEN tax form.

I asked Microsoft support weather you needed an ITIN number to complete the online tax form. According to the person I talked to this was needed to get the tax form approved. You can also see in question 12 that the ITIN number is requested. If you do not have a SSN, ITIN or EIN you need to apply for one.

If you have information you want to share with others please add them below!


Low eCPM in Microsoft Advertising pubCenter for non US developers?

Sleep Bug was released on Windows Phone Marketplace in March 2011. It was released as a free app with advertisement (Microsoft Advertising pubCenter). Initially pubCenter was not available to Norwegian developers, but as many others I created an account and started getting impressions. Although eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) where not even close to when pubCenter was released I reached eCPM of 3-6 dollars on good days.

In October 2011 pubCenter became available to Norwegian developers so I created a new pubCenter account and transferred my revenue from my old US pubCenter account to my newly created Norwegian account. I also released a new version of Sleep Bug and updated the ad unit. Unfortunately the eCPM on my Norwegian developer account did not come even close to what I was used to. eCPM was as low as 0.1-0.3 dollar, and that forced me to think differently. I had to make some changes to increase revenue and decided to create a PRO version. When it comes to functionality the PRO version is identical to the free version, but it contains 9 extra scenes.

Deciding on the price of the app was not easy but I figured out that 1.99 was a fair price for the app. I think users who consider buying this app will buy it regardless weather its 0.99 or 1.99 (it would definitely not scare away 50% of the potential buyers). To promote the pro version I released a new free version with banners promoting the paid version of Sleep Bug. Within a week Sleep Bug Pro was top 20 in the top paid rankings in the US. A thing to notice here is that among the top 20 apps in the Health and Fitness category mine is the only one that does not contain a trial version. Based on this I’m pretty sure the ranking system in the Marketplace for paid apps heavily weights purchases instead of trial downloads.

One could argue that I should have removed Sleep Bug from the free section and only offer a paid version, but I decided not to do this due to the size of the application (Sleep Bug Pro is 225MB).

When it comes to downloads of the free version vs. the paid version the ratio is about 4.0%. Not very high but it generates 500-700 dollar a month. This is far more then pubCenter generated (the US pubCenter account generated 1000 dollars in 5 months).

Below is an image showing the current ranking of the PRO version. Currently it is top 100 in 26 countries (in the Health and Fitness category).


Sleep Bug runs on iPad

Sleep Bug running on an iPad, iPhone and Windows Phone 7.


Sleep Bug climbs on the US rankings

Sleep Bug reached 2nd place in the US Windows Phone Marketplace. I am very pleased with this and hope to soon reach nr. 1


Sleep Bug featured in the US Windows Phone Marketplace

Today Sleep Bug was featured in the US Windows Phone Marketplace.